About Me

Who is this Sean Dicken fellow anyway?

Since 2009, I have been working consistently as an animator for hire, and have contributed my talents to web cartoons, online and console games, mobile apps, animated TV shows, music videos, video product demonstrations, and explainer videos. I'm most proud of the work that I've done for the first three seasons of the kid's TV Show "Yo Gabba Gabba," for which I animated and co-directed nine 90-second segments.

Prior to going solo as a one-man animation studio for hire, I worked as a studio generalist for nine years at Wildbrain Animation in San Francisco, CA. Throughout my time at Wildbrain, I had my hands in every aspect of production: From scanning hand drawn animation images to editing animatics. From color design and staging to 3D Modeling and Texturing. From Flash and After Effects animation to 2D production pipeline design. Even though I wore many hats at the studio, in my free time I continuously worked on improving my animation with personal and for-hire projects in Flash and After Effects- constantly inspired by the industry giants that I worked with on a daily basis.

I love to design worlds, create stories, and solve creative problems. If I sound like someone who would fit your team, I'm currently seeking full time or contract work and I'd love to hear from you!