In 2013, my wife and I started making illustrated mix-and-match blocks under the moniker "One Dill Pickle". This is the first of my designs. I call them "Blockhats." Source art above, and completed product below. Each set of three blocks contains all six character designs. We've got more designs in the works!

I've been a huge fan of They Might be Giants since I first saw the video for "Don't Let's Start" on MTV back in the mid-80s. I was thrilled to learn that they were signed by Disney to do the theme song to the TV show that I was working on, Higglytown Heroes. Just as a fan, I modeled the two Johns (Linnell and Flansburgh) in the style of the show's characters (Russian nesting dolls) and created this poster. When I later found out that my studio was going to be working on a music video featuring the band, I immediately let the producer know that I had already created these models of the characters, and they ended up being used for the music video!

Here are some posters that I designed and illustrated as background elements for my friend's stop motion animated short film Time and Time Again.
Fist launching is permitted, but there will not be any replacement fists for the duration of the fight. Belly missiles and missile packs are strictly prohibited.  I have fond memories of my Force Commander and Baron Karza Micronauts action figures. With their spring loaded missiles and fists, interchangeable magnetic limbs, and their horses, those were some great toys!
 I just found out that my favorite beverage, Dublin Dr Pepper has gone out of production. The Dr Pepper-Snapple Group filed suit against the 120 year old bottling plant in Dublin, Texas, for fear of brand dilution due to the rising popularity of Dublin Dr Pepper. With thanks to my good friend Keith, I had the opportunity to visit the bottling plant in 2009, where I purchased a couple of pallets of Dublin Dr Pepper. The bottle pictured here is the last bottle I posses. Into the vault it goes.
In 1978, MEGO released an interactive learning "robot" called 2-XL. He was basically a dolled up 8-Track player that played special tapes that had edutainment curriculum on them. He would give you some audio clips to listen to and then quiz you on what you had just learned. If you got the answer wrong, you were cleverly insulted. If you got the answer right, you were still insulted. My favorite cartridge was "Science Fiction II."

The design of 2-XL's soul patch was recycled from a piece from the Micronauts Battle Cruiser, another toy sold by MEGO that I had at the time. The crossover has always puzzled and tickled me.

Gift for my girlfriend (now wife) on our 1st anniversary.

Chewbacca! What a wookiee!

Screens from an animated movie title sequence I designed.

UI-Mockup for an Xbox game based on CS Lewis's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Frank and Drac - Rigged puppets, ready to animate.
Audience members designed for TBS's  iphone "laugh track" app
Patch design for the band Lopsided Space Kart
Laughing Manatee.
Logo design for my geek blog.
Retro-Sci-Fi! Fully rigged puppet, ready for animating in After Effects.